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Our Safety We take Safety very seriously, it is a core part of our business and strength. Below are some of the main safety areas we cover. Hazard Co (Premium Package Members) Hazard CoWe are a Premium Member of Hazard Co. This gives us systems that are put in place to make sure our work sites are extremely safe and ensures everyone gets home safe from work at the end of each day. Checkout the Hazard Co website.
Members of Site Safe Hazard Co

We are a Member of Site Safe. Checkout the Site Safe website.

My colleague and I had noted on several occasions how well this small team seemed to carry out their daily tasks and how well they managed the associated risks with respect to ensuring the H&S of all third party foot traffic while working in a confined but well used space.

We would like to make special mention of how well we thought they did during their time on site and ask that you would pass these sentiments on to them on our behalf.


H&S Team
Large Commercial Site
We own our own fall edge protection Edge ProtectionFall edge protection in our business is essential. We have a full range of equipment required for any job. This not only eliminates costs to the customer but also greatly enhances Safety and Regulations on-site.

  • Reducing the risk of major falls from roofs compared to scaffolding
  • Eliminating risk to public by being out of reach from ground level
  • No scaffolding required which equates to no down time waiting for scaffolding to be removed
  • Site able to be accessed immediately after roofing
Snorkel Lift - Rough Terain Scissor Lift snorkel scissor liftThe Snorkel SR2255 provides a safe, efficient means of working at height including when the ground is uneven. The S2255RT is a versatile machine that can be operated in constricted areas where a standard width machine would have difficulties. Working from the platform with power tools is easy with the addition of an optional 240V outlet.

  • Independent articulating rear axles
  • Roll-out deck extension
  • Automatic self levelling stabilisers
  • Easy access to hydraulic and electric components through wide opening lockable steel doors
  • Reliable diesel engine with alternative power options including 24V DC battery operation
  • Driveable at full height
  • 4 wheel drive


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We own two scissor lifts scissor LiftScissor Lifts not only make our jobs safer but also easier and quicker. Having our own Lifts means no time or complication wasted on hirage.

  • Excellent manoeuverability:
      - Tight turning radius
      - Proportional controls for extremely smooth movements
  • Exceptional rough terrain capability:
      - Hydraulic differntial lock for improved RT capability
      - 35cm ground clearance - exceptional over rough terrain
      - 4 wheel drive

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We also have a Manitou 200 ATJ scissor LiftManituoThe 200 ATJ articulated platform allows you to carry out your tasks at a working height of 20m with an up and over clearance of 8m. Up to 230 kg can be loaded and its platfrom of 2.1 m x 0.8m provides the operator with a large working area.
The platform's ground clearance of 0.43 m combined with its all-terrain capabilities guarantee a high clearance capacity. An incremental hydraulic management system for engine speed was developed so as to reduce the noise level and fuel consumption. Its ergonomic console makes it a valued machine on sites for the quickness of its handling.

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Qualified First Aiders
Long before the launch of the Best Practice Guidelines for Working on Roofs by MBIE last year, Metro Roofing Ltd was ramping up its H&S measures to be fully compliant with the regulations. But a recent re-roofing contract for NZ Bus has fully tested the effectiveness of the company’s $235,000 investment in health and safety over the last four years.


OUR PRODUCTS We use Colorcote as our main pre-fabricated steel.
Our new roof was completed today. All up it has taken just one and and half days to do the job. We think the job is excellent. Our home looks so much the better with a new shiny roof. Your crew worked very hard to finish the job in such a short time...
Graham and Diane O'Dea